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Chef of Cake on Place

CakeOnPlace.com were born to do more than just making Birthday cakes, we strive to make Birthdays great. We use nothing but the best ingredients and real natural flavors & necessary to make every cake delicious.

We are dedicated to customer service and take great pride in presenting you with fresh, specialty creations, quick deliveries etc. We are happy to present you with the most delicious cakes here at city name. We bet U will love it!

We believe that our customers deserve the best of services in the form of well washed Branded Products, which are fresh made, Cool, sorted and packed giving importance to keeping them fresh all throughout. Our team focuses to keep quality at the top priority at each stage for the concern of health of our customers.

Free Shipping

We have a free shipping of cakes. There is no extra charges for shipping cakes.

Fast Delivery

We have a fast delivery of product. We will delivered cake within 2 hours.

Any Size Cake

We can provide any size cake to customer. If you want more cake size call to customer care number and do more enquiry.


We have a number of flavours for customer. We have a butterscotch, black forest, chocolate, pineapple etc.

AnyWhere AnyTime - Cake on Place - Fresh Eggless Cakes

Exclusive range of fresh Eggless cakes are available to Order Online We delivery cakes to your place anywhere anytime

We deliver Custome size cakes in any kg, If you want cusotme size egg less birhtday cakes. Just call us and give an order to us. We will prepare, and deliver fresh, eggless custome size cake to your door

Fresh, Eggless Cakes

About Us

CakeOnPlace is a Cake website. We delivered a best cakes and varieties of flavours. Any size of cakes are available in shop. Our mission is just help you to increase the taste of life with our cakes.

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